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Why Do We Admire Super Heroes Or Super Humans In General? Marvel’s Strive For “Diversity” Is Hurting Those That It Tries To Champion!

Ever since Marvel revealed the New ‘New’ Warriors to the public and received the massive backlash that they did, I started to think about why we even admired superheroes in the first place. What was it that drew us all to admiring people like Static Shock, Superman, Black Panther, Raven, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Storm etc?

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Meet SNOWFLAKE AND SAFESPACE! Marvel’s New ‘New Warriors’ That United Both Sides For The First Time In Years!

SNOWFLAKE AND SAFESPACE? I….bro, you can’t tell me we ain’t in a glitched Matrix after this! Marvel deadass decided to create characters based on the terminology we associate with SJW’s! This is bait, it has to be!

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Marvel Writer Dan Slott Says “Fuck You” To Comic Book Fans Who May Decide To Vote For Trump Again!

So Marvel writer Dan Slott effectively just told a huge portion of its fanbase to go fuck themselves if they go and vote for Trump again. I mean, I feel like you’d lose your job if you told your potential customers to go fuck themselves but I guess Dan Slott is immune to that rule. Seriously, I’m reading the headline of this blog and I still can’t believe it happened.

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Black Sands Entertainment Raises Over $380,000 In Investment In Less Than Two Weeks! Offers Shares Of Its Business To Fans!

Black Sands Entertainment, the popular independent black content developers in the nation (USA to be precise) has recently begun rounds of investments on Wefunder to allow fans and investors who believe in their work to invest and make the company a reality.

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Why Is The Comic Book Industry Failing So Badly?

Comic Books are in the decline. This is no surprise anymore. I’ve also noticed that more and more people, primarily in the comic industry, are being hired for their politics, rather than on their merit and skills. Because of this, the core essences of what made comic books so damm popular has all but faded away and now, we are left with a hollow husk of its former glory.

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Trill League: A Parody Comic That Combines The World of Superheroes, Anime & Hip-Hop Culture Coming To Quibi As An Animated Series!

It’s been a minute since I talked about some new indie stuff on here but I feel like I may have found yet another gem to keep an eye out for in the coming months. According to its kickstarter page, TRILL LEAGUE is an idea that takes well-known superheroes and adds a satirical twist to them, sprinkled with some urban edge to them. It’s been confirmed for an animated series.