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I’m Kinda Wary Of ODIN: Valhalla Rising – The Impressive Looking Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Mobile Game!

When that first trailer for Project Odin, now officially known as ODIN: Valhalla Rising came out, I was mad skeptical. I mean, sure the game LOOKED amazing but will with PLAY amazing, that’s the real question!

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This Mobile Games Highlight Reel Really Shows How Far Mobile Gaming Has Come With Unreal Engine!

Ten years ago, we’d joke about and make fun of anyone who claims mobile gaming was actual gaming. Nowadays, that’s going to be difficult to do with a straight face. From large-scale MMOs to masterfully-crafted solo experiences,  Unreal Engine-developed titles celebrate how they’re transforming the mobile gaming landscape.

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Top 5 Most Friendliest F2P Gacha Game In 2019!

Another year, another bulk of mobile game to rate in this year’s Top 5 Most Friendliest F2P Gacha Game In 2019. This the third year I’ve done this list and looking back, we had some interesting games. Last year I wrote a blog titled “Top 5 Most Friendliest F2P Gacha Game In 2018”, so it’s only natural that I’d do one for 2019 once again.

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MMO’s On Mobile Phones Might Be The Future For The Genre!

A trend that I’ve started to notice coming from the East is the heavy investment of MMO’s on mobile devices. Sometimes, they’ll even introduce games that can be played on both PC and mobile phones to try and reel in possible PC gamers who might be open to trying out this new form of MMO. It’s an interesting trend that I’d like to delve deeper into it to see if thats’s something that viable. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the term “MMORPG” on mobile phones, however these new once are developed from the ground up to be full blown “classical” MMO’s that can be experienced on the go.

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Apple Arcade — The World’s First Dedicated Game Subscription Service For Mobile Phones

I’ll be honest, I did not expect this at all. I assumed that Apple was going to be heading in the same direction as Google’s Stadia, but nope! Instead, they’re focusing entirely on exclusive mobile games with Apple Arcade, that you can’t get anywhere else.