Artery Gear Fusion is perhaps one of the fanciest turn-based strategy game developed by China-based Access! I knew mobile games were getting good, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen a game that makes me want to upgrade my phone!

Currently only available in China, In Artery Gear: Fusion, you will be a commander in the “Puppet War”, a game in which you will encounter a variety of Mecha girls of different styles – “Artery Gear” (AG for short).

In the game, players will encounter a variety of different styles of Mecha girls called “Artery Gear” (AG for short), each with their own unique skills and settings, and they will need to be formed into a fighting team to fight against the brutal puppets.

The game itself uses a combination of 3D and Spine technology to simulate a variety of complex action modules, fully liberating the character limitations to create a variety of structures and body types. Meanwhile, the game itself adopts new lighting technology to bring out the character’s self-luminescence and particle rendering effect to the fullest, highlighting the game’s overall sense of technology and allowing every player to enjoy the cool visual feast in the battle.

From the 2D sprite animation, its presentations, the detailed chibi, and the superb ultimate animated finishers, everything about this game looks amazing. It’s a shame that it’s currently only available in China but I do hope the team decided to expand to other regions. I just thought I’d put it on your radar! Check out the trailer below.

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