OmniGeekEmpire.com was officially founded on June 1st, 2017. The goal for OmniGeekEmpire is to create an outlet that provides gamers, otakus & geeks alike with the most unfiltered opinion on video games, movies, anime & technology while expressing these topics in a critical, respectable, and sometimes humorous manner.

We’re also the premier source for selective news and information on video games, movies, anime & technology! What that means is that we will only cover content that we deem worthy of your time! And if that wasn’t enough, we also host our own webcomics too!

OmniGeekEmpire is built upon the foundations of Truth and Integrity! Where people come to read unfiltered opinions from your day to day geek (that’s me).

OmniGeekEmpire’s philosophy has always been: “When I see Bullshit, I call it Bullshit”! Plain & Simple!

If something needs to be discussed, OmniGeekEmpire will discuss it in its entirety, in words that I would use if I were to be talking to you in person. The only way to improve anything you care about is to be as critical and factual as humanly possible. That’s how you bring about change!

OmniGeekEmpire’s mission is to shake up the gaming, anime, comic, and every other geek-related industries out there that I actively participate in. If you like what you see here, then join me as we change the world from the shadows….as the Hidden Ones!

Hope you’ll enjoy your visit here & if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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