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Dr. Disrespect’s PermaBan Should Be A Wake-Up Call To Everyone Of How Easy It Is To Lose Everything!

Why did Dr. Disrespect get banned? That’s the million-dollar question. The whole gaming community is at a loss when they learned of Dr. Disrespect’s sudden permaban of Twitch. While everyone is trying to figure out WHY he got banned, I want to focus your attention on another matter. And that matter is HOW EASY it was for DR. Disrecpetc to lose everything with a click of a button!

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Enough Of Slave Movies, We’ve Had Enough Of The Bullshit Hollywood! Boycott Them!

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’ve had enough of slave movies! Hearing that Will Smith is going to be starring in yet ANOTHER slave movie really got under my skin! We have such an rich history, why is Hollywood so damm fixated on making only slavery movies or gang movies when it comes to African history! Well, I’ve had enough of them and have decided to just boycott any and all slave movies years ago and I think it’s high time we start doing the same to send Hollywood a clear message, enough is enough!

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J.K. Rowling “Trans” Opinions Really Opened My Eyes To The State Of Our Society!

J.K. Rowling made a comment, to which once upon a time would have been common knowledge. Only Women menstruate! To be more precise, only women who are born women can and will menstruate. This statement, should never be controversial to any degree. It is observable, has always been observable, and since the dawn of man itself, has never changed! However, that’s not what kinda irked me by the backlash that J.K. Rowling received. What irked me the most is that she couldn’t even voice her own opinion without being attacked, not debated but attacked!

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YouTube’s Been Deleting Comments That Speak Against China!

Recently, I talked about censorship in a previous blog and how I feel China and Tencent are crawling ever so closer to have full dominance of the video game space. Well, you can imagine my shock (not really) when I heard that YouTube as allegedly being removing certain Chinese phrases that speak ill against the Chinese regime! The platform that was supposed to allow fair criticism is now allegedly removing comments that criticize China!

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Joe Rogan Decision To Partner Up With Spotify Needs To Succeed!

Time and time again, we’ve seen what happens when creators get a deal to move to another platform, and it bombs. His/her fans don’t always follow with them and from the outside, it feels like their career has fallen into irrelevancy. The latest example I can think of is Ninja aka Richard Tyler Blevins! After signing a deal with Mixer, Ninja, unfortunately, was not able to bring his massive following with him, and Mixer did not get the boost they wanted. However, Joe Rogan might be different! If it pans out well, Joe Rogan could set the precedent to stop the monopoly that YouTube currently has on the media sphere.

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Keemstar vs H3H3 & Pokimane vs ItsAGundam’s “Drama” Is Another Example Why YouTube Just Isn’t A Secure Income Stream!

Over the past few weeks, my timeline has been filled with two ongoing “drama”! One is between Keemstar and H3H3, and the other one revolves around Pokimane vs ItsAGundam. Now I won’t be going too deep into either drama, I’ll likely just give bullet points so you can get a gist as to what’s going on. The main focus today is to touch on how the once “holy grail” of monetization, sponsorships, which has helped sustain many YouTubers when YouTube itself ain’t enough, is now just a frail and easy to destroy! It’s now become a tool to hurt or silence!