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OUTRIDERS Actually Looks Kinda Fun!

I won’t lie to you, I wasn’t vibing with Outriders at all at first! Even when I saw those early gameplay videos pop up in my feeds, I watched it and moved on! It didn’t seem like it was doing anything unique and quite frankly looked like a Destiny clone! However, my opinion has slightly changed after watching the first new Gameplay Livestream | Outriders Broadcast #1 with an open mind!

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I’m Kinda Wary Of ODIN: Valhalla Rising – The Impressive Looking Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Mobile Game!

When that first trailer for Project Odin, now officially known as ODIN: Valhalla Rising came out, I was mad skeptical. I mean, sure the game LOOKED amazing but will with PLAY amazing, that’s the real question!

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Out of Place – A Indie Adventure Game That Makes You Face Your Fears!

Another day, anothe highlight of a potential gem in the making! You know, I always highlight these games but if you have noticed a game that deserves some highlight, let me know! Anyways, today we’re checking out Out of Place, a game following Simon who wakes up ina stange world.

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Speaking Out On Censorship In Gaming & Tencent’s Growing Influence: Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t!

Today, I wanted to talk about censorship in gaming! It’s the most debated topic in recent memory, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from observing and speaking on it myself, is that no matter what you do, you’ll be dammed for sure!