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This serves as a portal to my mind to all things that goes on in the geek world. AKA, when it doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, it goes here.

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It’s One Thing To Hate/Admire A Fictional Character, But To Hate The Real Human That Plays That Character Is Vacuous!

Laura Bailey, famous for playing the infamous Abby in the Last of Us Part 2 has recently posted on Twitter, sharing the disgusting posts she has received over her role as Abby! Brain-dead doesn’t even begin to describe anyone who actually goes out of their way to send horrific messages to people who play fictional characters they don’t like! And she isn’t the first to experience is kind of harassment! This also happens when someone plays or cosplays as a character that people happen to admire!

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The War of Genesis: Remnants of Gray Coming To The Nintendo Switch Looks Amazing!

The War of Genesis: Remnants of Graya remake for the first War of Genesis games, for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by ReG Studio, it will be released in South Korea in 2022. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have assumed this was another PC game. Very surprised by how well it looked, however how it runs may be another matter!

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PewDiePie & YouTubers Using Their Platform For Good In 2020!

With so many negative things happening in 2020, I thought I’d highlight some good that’s happening but not nearly as talked about. PewDiePie has recently been streaming on YouTube, with his latest stream around the Last of Us Part 2. However, what’s not often talked about is what he does with the YouTube membership perks revenue, and that is giving all away to charity! This got me thinking of other YouTubers who are currently using their platform to make a difference in the world.

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#MeToo Resurgence & Cancel Culture! The Mindset Of “Believe All Woman” Is Not Logical!

Over the past few days, we have seen a rise of women coming forward with their #MeToo experience in various industries. As expected, everyone instantly believed all the women that came forward without waiting for an actual investigation and/or provided facts or evidence! It’s basically a second wave of the #MeToo movement, well sort off!

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Mainstream Media Have Proven Once & For All That They Are A Force of Evil! Trump Might’ve Been Right All Along!

Ever since the death of George Floyd, we have seen the true color of the mainstream media shine! I am in utter disgust with how they’ve handled the reporting on his death, the protests, the riots in the US and the UK, the play on words, the clear bias and the clear manipulation of the truth! It’s almost as if they want a war among people, to turn neighbors into enemies, friends to foe and an utter distrust among countrymen. And the only way their lies have failed on the newer, younger generation is the liberating technology called the internet!

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The Steps That Gaming, Other Industries & Celebs Have Taken To Show Support For BLM May Have Been Short-Sighted Or Disingenuous!

This week has been one hell of a roller-coaster for the Americans, and to some extent, the rest of the world. Many gaming companies have vocalized their support of equality & justice, and their distaste for discrimination & injustice! And although I am skeptical of whether most of it is genuine, it is nice to know and see nonetheless! Nevertheless however, some of their “extended” activism should be looked into, as I feel it may have caused more damage that good.

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Games Industry Showing Solidarity For The #BlackLivesMatter Protest Are Hollow & Meaningless!

As you know, there’s an wide-scale events going on in the United States right now! Protesters have taken to the streets across the states to protest the unjust killing of a African American man by the name of George Floyd! The protest started out well and peaceful as a protest can be, but eventually few individuals not part of the protest have used the event as a guise to commits crimes across the states. From rioting and instigating by the police, to looting and racist Antifa fueling the flames for anarchy! This has diluted the message coming from the protest!

Of course, many who are able to see through the noise have all showed support for the protest, including well-known video game companies! However, I’m here to discuss why a simple tweet or post is nothing more that virtue signalling to gain points from the masses!