The closer the release date for Hogwarts Legacy, the more lunatic the controversy around the game gets. Whether you boycott the game or purchase it for your own pleasure, one thing’s clear, it is NOT a test of character.

I haven’t seen such a level of controversy around a game in such a long time. The call for a boycott has been one that started when the game was announced. This stems from J.K. Rowling’s “transphobic” comments she made a while back. Many people, including the stars that played the characters, to even Avalanche Studio that’s developing the game have denounced Rowling and her comments, but that hasn’t been enough to quell the anger towards the author and her IP. They want the game to be completely boycotted so that Rowling doesn’t make even a penny. Even though chances are she’s already made her money from the royalty she’s getting from Avalanche studio’s use of her IP.

The problem with a boycott is that the more you tell people not to do something, the more people will do that said thing. In all fairness, if you personally don’t want to play the game, or purchase the game because you feel that the money will go toward J.K Rowling, that’s OK. That’s a personal moral decision you’ve made for yourself. However, once you begin to push your moral standing on others, that’s when things start to look sour. The reality is, people, don’t care or are even aware of what’s happening with J.K. Rowling or the comments she’s made over the years. Yes, as mean as that sounds, most people that are planning to buy the game really don’t care about the politics that surround the game. They are either oblivious to the commotion that’s happening online or just ignoring it all to play a cool game. And as you can see by the pre-sales of the game on Steam, it has even gotten to the point that people who initially weren’t interested in the game, are buying it to spite those that are trying to make this into an “if you buy the game, you are a bad person” thing. No one likes that!

The reality is, to let people make the decision themselves. And if their decision makes you feel some type of way, then distance yourself from them. I have no problem with people not feeling comfortable buying something that their views don’t align with but don’t villainize others for spending their own money on the entertainment they want. It’s their moral choice to make. Not to mention the inconsistency this whole thing reeks off. People are willing to buy iPhones and use Twitter (now owned by Elon) but Hogwarts Legacy is where they draw their line.

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