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China’s Reaction To TikTok & 58 App Ban Is Hypocrisy At Its Finest!

I had to talk about this as I was quite surprised by India’s ban on China’s most popular app, Tiktok along with 58 other apps! What made the event even more hilarious is how China, the country known for the “GREAT FIREWALL!” had the audacity to get annoyed when another countries bans their app!

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Sega’s Game Gear Micro is $50 For Each consoles with four games each??

I’m not much of a retro guy! I understand the novelty that comes with it, but even I can recognize a rip-off when I see one! I can’t in good conscious let this one slide by! Sega’s Game Gear Micro is four $50 consoles with four games each, yes, it’s a tiny handheld that has four old retro games for 50 dollars.

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How To Invest In Cryptocurrency? What Are The Top Cryptocurrency Out There?

Cyrptocurrency, the digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a digital ledger or computerized database. We’ve all heard of it and to an extent the coin that started it all, Bitcoin! With the Bitcoin halving happening in a few days, there’s renewed interest in the Cryptocurrency space. The question that many people will likely have is how to buy bitcoin, what are the top cryptocurrency out there, or to an extent what cryptocurrency should they invest in?

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Would You Download A Contact Tracing App That Gives Your Data To The Authority In Order To Go Back To Work?

We’re living in uncertain times! With the COVID-19 changing our very way of life, we all had to adapt. However, I’d never imagined that we would be heading towards a world previously only thought to only exist in dystopian sci-fi films. What I’m getting at is this, reports are going around that Google and Facebook are working with various authorities/govs to relay personal information of those who may be suspect of carrying the Chinese Covid-19 virus. Not only that but there’s also talk of a contact tracing app that keeps track of your whereabouts and contacts you’ve made with other people.