With so many comics, manga, and webtoons being released on a daily basis, it’s hard to find ones that feature dark-skinned / Black leads. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most promising comics, manga, and webtoons curated by yours truly that are worth keeping an eye on. Whether you’re a long-time reader or just getting into the world of graphic novels, this list has something for everyone.

Desert Sunflower: Seed of the Red Sun

After the Knights of Arcwatch massacred the Red Sun Tribe, Enkai, the last surviving member, vowed to get revenge for his people. However, during one of his encounters with Arcwatch, he discovers that their current second-in-command is a member of the Red Sun Tribe. He was conflicted on whether he should view them as the enemy or tribe members.


Hunted since birth for a burden he unknowingly carries, Yu must discover the secrets of his origins and his ties to a hidden shinobi world so he can come to realize the weight of his destiny, of being the last hope…the Last Flame of humanity standing against an ancient demonic threat.


Che is just a human in a world full of superpowered “Kimyos”, but he’s determined to become the greatest fighter to ever live. When his beloved mentor is murdered, Che swears vengeance and embarks on a mission to unmask the killer. But soon Che learns that the world of Kimyos is much larger than he ever imagined, and that he himself might be one — the most powerful Kimyo on Earth, with the power of the sun itself. Will Che be able to harness his new strength, or will he burn up in the heat of this ordeal?


Twins Quintin and Jackie have to take over the superhero duties of their city’s legendary and mysterious hero, Jupiter-Man, after he suddenly disappears. They thought that would mean stopping petty crimes, but they weren’t prepared for Jupiter-Man’s true job: fighting monsters, stopping magical disasters, policing interdimensional beings, and taking down super villains!? Will the twins survive long enough to find Jupiter-Man or will they crumble under the weight of their new responsibilities!?

Red Rapture: Born Blessed To Walk A Cursed Reality!

“Would God bless humanity, just to watch it suffer”?

In a world where a strange phenomenon granted a set number of humans the powers over creation and manipulation, those that are blessed are known as ‘NCG’, beings with god-like powers.

This event changed the course of humanity forever, bringing about philosophical questions and catastrophic results, which Negusa has to face head-on, as his own outlook on life and beliefs are challenged. His goal? To solve the mystery behind the ‘Great Light’, and accomplish his pursuit of vengeance!

Last Order: Hitori Bocchi No Hyakunen Sensou

A post-apocalyptic world. Following her last order, the mechanical soldier Ria has been fighting an endless war for over a hundred years. With the people she was meant to protect gone, and her comrades-in-arms lost, Ria spends her days fighting alone.

Then, a human appears before her once more..!?


Niobe, the child of prophecy first introduced in The Untamed, is on the run both from her destiny and those who would see it unfulfilled. She finds shelter among her mother’s people, but when a boy is murdered it sets off a series of events that will lead to war.

Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms

In this world, a power struggle is being fought between the last standing nations of men and ancient beings known only as gods who rule over them. Our heroes will not only be struggling with ancient deities, but also the intricate politics of society at the time. Whether it’s ancient Greece, Sumer, Canaan, Kush, or Egypt, readers will deep dive in a culturally phenomenal tale. Kirkus says it is “A sure bet for young readers who may be cultivating interests in ancient history.”


Avery Silman is a common rancher, but that wasn’t always the case. After obtaining some unique abilities, Avery spent a brief stint being a hero under the moniker Isom in the city of Florepark, Texas. Realizing that it wasn’t for him, he walked away from this life. But after responding to a call from his sister, some violent altercations ensue and has Avery reconsidering his approach. What happened?

Clock Striker

Cast dreams of being a SMITH, and though she’s rather handy with her tools, no one in her small town ever realizes their dreams. Besides, these legendary warrior engineers haven’t been seen in years and were never known for having female members. Fortunately, Cast meets one surviving member named Ms. Philomena Clock, who agrees to take her on as her apprentice, or striker.

Iyanu: Child of Wonder

Iyanu, a teenage orphan with no recollection of her past, suddenly discovers that she has abilities that rival the ancient deities told in the folklore of her people.

It is these abilities that are the key to bringing back an “age of wonders,” as Iyanu begins her journey to save a world on the brink of destruction! The Corrupt—cursed wildlife and strange, divine beasts—are determined to destroy humanity, unless Iyanu can stop them.


Mina is a young martial artist struggling to recover from a childhood trauma. One day, a group of kidnappers attempt to abduct her and her sister Lamin. The girls flee into the forest but soon find themselves transported to the magical world of Sama, a parallel world rife with magic, mythical creatures and beings inspired by African myths and legends.


Following the exploits of queen and military commander Malika, who struggles to keep the peace in her ever-expanding empire, Azzaz, this historical fantasy is set in fifteenth-century West Africa and created by an all-star team from Nigeria. In this action-packed graphic novel, African history mixes with drama, politics, betrayal, romance, and dragons!

Dream Vesper

Here’s the premise of the Dream Vesper story according to the creator:

It’s a story where the hero creates nightmares in order to save people from following dreams that lead to an untimely death.

For those that don’t know, besides LION I am also working on DREAM VESPER, I did a one shot awhile back and now I’m going through with it. It’s a story where sometimes your wildest dreams can kill you and your worst nightmare just might save your live.

Originally he was of a different ethnicity, and this time I wanted to make him an albino of black ethnicity, there are so many white haired characters and I felt if I was going to do that, it had to be different. I’ll keep you folks updated. I think those following my work will be VERY happy with the coming announcements in the future.

…His sword is both an hourglass and a dreamcatcher.


An Islamic, Berserk, Mena-inspired Project that’s currently in progress. The story seems to follow Bilal, Yazia & Bahal the Jinn Hunters. The art is amazing and worth keeping an eye out for in the future.


ZUFAN is a Pan-African sci-fi series that recounts the true story of Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1800s. Find out why Ethiopia was the only African nation to never be colonized through this visually stunning comic book! 


When a mysterious stranger kidnaps the mother of 20 year old Ement Legesse on their first trip back to Ethiopia, she must embark on a life-altering adventure embedded with historical conflict.


Kwezi is the classic young hero in a coming of age tale who tends to deal with his own insecurities by being a braggart. Whereas DC Comics heroes operate in fictional cities such as Gotham and Metropolis, Kwezi is based in Gold City, a stand-in for Johannesburg, South Africa.
Self-aware and nuanced, Kwezi compares with Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s Invincible in terms of a teen hero and the theme of responsibilities of family, friends and civilization.

Project Divider

Dreams..Are they really just random? What if our dreams were messages from something greater, trying to show us the truth..Maybe the reality we live isn’t even real? Follow a dual narrative story of two groups of people as they uncover the truth of the world that has been hidden from them from birth. There isn’t a right or wrong path, only your own. What is your story?

This one is fairly new, but it holds a lot of promise in my opinion. It’s a webtoon that hosts some of the coolest characters I’ve ever seen. And the story is pretty interesting from what I’ve read! It should be launching sometime this year! Don’t hold me on that!


100 years ago, an unexplained event caused 75% of humanity to develop supernatural abilities called Gifts! These gifts changed the way humans lived among each other for the better and the worst. So with this considered, have these gifts helped or harmed the world?


In epsiode one of a six part series, after Walter Okalo is thwarted in his attempt to get back a precious Benin artefact, his children take on the challenge.

The Crusaders is an ensemble piece, based on true life African history, following the adventures of the young swashbuckling hero, Max Okalo and his older siblings.Their exploits will take readers all around the world as Max is supported by his brothers, sisters, cousins, old friends and former enemies. Their mandate; protect art, tradition & heritage. They only steal what was already stolen, and return artefacts to their rightful place.

They are family. They are friends. They are THE CRUSADERS.

In conclusion, the listed 20 comic, manga, and webtoons recommendations showcase a wide range of genres, styles, and themes that feature dark-skinned/black protagonists to check out. From action-packed superhero adventures to thought-provoking graphic novels, these comics, manga, and webtoons offer something for every reader. Whether you’re a fan of classic characters or seeking new and exciting stories, these selections are sure to satisfy your cravings. So pick up one (or a few) and immerse yourself in the captivating world of comics, manga, and webtoons.

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