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Boruto’s Fate: Is He The One Who Destroys The Village?

So the latest Boruto chapter, Chapter 46 finally explained how the Karma works and what it means for Boruto. However, I feel like the chapter also answered a question once asked a long time ago and that’s Boruto’s eye being the cause for his anguish and home’s destruction. Now, I’m theorizing here so nothing I’m saying is to be taken literally. It’s just for fun and to explore a possible possibility to how the Boruto story might play out!

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The “TEZUKA MANGA CONTEST” Brings In A New Era For Shonen Manga! Now Overseas Mangaka Are Welcomed!

The TEZUKA MANGA CONTEST, a manga award for new artists established by “Shonen Jump” by Shueisha publisher since 1971 with the aim of finding new talents is celebrating its 100th anniversary. However, what makes this year’s especially interesting is that their welcoming mangaka’s from multiple languages, aka across the world. This sets in a new precedent that manga no longer is confined by the borders of Japan. Just like comic books and graphic novels, it too has evolved.

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Vegeta’s Set Up In The Moro Arc Should Not Lead Him To Ultra Instinct, But Instead, Be More Akin To “Super Saiyan Rosé” Transformation!

If you’re keeping up with the Dragon Ball Super manga, then you’d know that it’s setting Vegeta up to likely be the one to take Moro down. I mean, if that doesn’t happen, then you can throw the whole manga away. Anyways, one thing I wanted to talk about is what Vegeta’s next power up should be and what I don’t want it to be, which is ultra instinct.

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Sol Levante – The World’s First Hand-Drawn 4K Animation!

I may be late to talking about it but, if I’m hearing about this Sol Levante today, surely someone out there hasn’t heard about it either so I’m good! Sol Levante is a short film, the world’s first piece of hand-drawn animation made with the high-resolution 4K format in mind, according to Netflix.