Dark Lights is a manga and anime series that the people at RDCWorld have been secretly working on for some time now. To my surprise, HBO has already picked it up, and the studio animating it is Powerhouse Animation Studios. The very same studio that did the animated prologue for Sonic Frontiers. So already I’m excited about this series.


In an alternate version of modern-day America, everyone in the hood is born with a superhuman ability.

Dark Lights is the story of the hood and its people, their hopes and dreams, failures and disappointments, lives and deaths. But principally, it is the story of Vincent, a quiet kid, who just wants to keep his head down, use his power only when necessary, and get through it all

When the realities of the world around him come crashing through his front door, it will push Vincent out onto an epic journey through the hood and beyond. At first, Vincent is just hoping to survive the day-to-day, but what he comes to learn is that the power to change the world is both inside himself and in all those around him.

According to Mark, the manga that will be accompanying the animatic is almost done (well chapter 1 of the manga at least) and the animatic is virtually done so maybe sometime this year we’ll get to see what the RDCWorld has been cooking these past few years.

RDCWorld is a group of entertainers that was founded back in 2012 with the goal of building the ultimate fanbase and garnering support to one day make it to the big screen with movies, anime and so much more! And it seems they’ve finally got close to that dream, which I am extremely proud of.

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