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Windbound – Brave The Storm: A Beautiful Rogue-like 3rd-Person Survival Adventure!

Windboud was annouced nealry three weeks ago, and with everything that has been happening in the world. It slipped past my radar (as has many more games I’m interested in) and honestly I like what they’re going with this game. Windbound reminds of Breath of the Wild in a lot of ways, while also giving off this RUST vibe of survival.

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Blue Fire – A Sharp Platformer Where You Travel Through The Perished World Of Penumbra!

One thing I like about this era of gaming is that we keep getting all these new forms of gaming like Blue Fire in a time of back to back remakes (not that I’m hating, still waiting on that Sonic Adventure remake), and this game is no exception.

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Despite Some Fans Disdain Of This Practice, Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Should Be The Standard For Game Freak Going Forward!

With the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, it brings about a new change in the way Game Freaks has handled expanding the games in the past. Despite gruntled fans hate for this pass, ultimately this is the direction that the series needs to head into going forward.

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Is It Too Soon For A 4K Nintendo Switch Pro In 2020/2021? Analyst Says Otherwise!

One of the gossips I’ve heard online is the idea that Nintendo is planning to release or announce a 4K Nintendo Switch Pro in 2020, to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. This has been met with a lot of skepticism of the possibility of a newer and more powerful handled from Nintendo, almost three years after the release of the mainline Switch.