GAAS is a model in which games are sold as a service rather than as a product, with players paying for access to the game through a subscription service or by purchasing in-game items. While this model has been successful for some games, it has also led to a number of high-profile shutdowns, causing frustration and disappointment for players.

Games such as Back 4 Blood, Rumbleverse, and Knockout City have recently accounted for shutting down this year, with many more on the way. One of the reasons for the mass shutdowns of GAAS games is likely the lack of financial stability. Games that rely on this model often rely heavily on in-game purchases, and if the player base is not large enough to sustain these purchases, the game may become financially unviable. This has led to a number of popular games being shut down, leaving players without the game they had invested time and money into.

Then there is the lack of proper planning and foresight. Some games are released before they are fully developed, and as a result, they are plagued by bugs and glitches that can greatly detract from the player experience. If these issues are not addressed, the game may become unplayable, leading to a decline in the player base and ultimately, the shutdown of the game.

The impact of these mass shutdowns can be far-reaching, affecting not only the players but also the developers and the gaming industry as a whole. Players who have invested time and money into a game may feel frustrated and cheated when the game is suddenly taken down, while developers may lose their reputation and future opportunities due to their involvement in the failed game. As a result, the gaming industry as a whole may be impacted by a negative perception of the GAAS model, which could lead to a decrease in future investments and a decline in the overall quality of games. Some people however may see it as a good thing, the fewer these GAAS games, the better for the future of gaming.

So, what can be done to prevent the mass shutdowns of GAAS games? The solution: make games with fun and gameplay the priority. I don’t think anyone has a massive hatred for GAAS, but more so the fact that GAAS takes priority when making these games. The mass shutdowns of GAAS games are a growing concern in the gaming industry for some and a cause for celebration for others. By focusing on creating high-quality games and considering alternative business models, game developers can ensure the long-term success of their games and the overall health of the gaming industry.

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