With AI being the topic of the year, many have found its application to be impressive, yet terrifying. Most of the fears tend to come from a robot takeover, however, I wanted to have a look at every possible profession that AI could realistically destroy in the coming years.

Although there’s no guarantee that any of this will happen, it does not mean that there isn’t a possibility. When you look at how AI is rapidly growing and progressing and the dwindling patience of a society spoiled by the virtues of having everything at the tip of their fingers, even if you would like to make the argument that people would still want to have something made by humans, the reality is that people change. And just as how people abandoned the CD player for the convenience of a downloadable mp3, so too will people abandon their loyalty to the human race if getting something faster and cheaper is offered.

So let’s look at everything AI could potentially replace in the coming years, whether people like it or not.

  • Artist
  • Storytelling
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing
  • Programmers
  • Musician (maybe)
  • Script Writer
  • Influencer
  • Voice Actors
  • Animators

Admittedly, AI won’t replace some human labor, however, when it comes to creative fields such as artists or writers, the threat is very much real. We had a case where a photograph at a photography contest hosted by Australian photo retailer digiDirect.

The image above is called Absolutely AI’s image and it was created using AI. We also had another case way back of an art piece by Jason Allen which was A.I.-generated work, called “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial,” which took first place in the digital category at the Colorado State Fair. And there are many more like this to come in the future. Soon the idea of even hiring an artist for anything will become obsolete. Some will say that no matter what, people will want art that was made by actual humans, however, I fear that sentiment will be lost to time as the AI tech will make it impossible to justify the cost when you could have an art piece made for you within an hour and at a fraction of the cost, heck even free if you know what you’re doing.

Story-telling will likely take a hit too as AI slowly learns the human language and begin to weave tales that will have you mesmerized. It sounds outlandish now but just think about the AI art. That sounded crazy not a few years ago, but now it has caught and caught everyone by surprise. I mean why pay an author to spend years crafting a book, when you could pay someone to use AI to create a story for you, and have them review that story to make sure it’s consistent? The time has come to stop doubting the ability of AI and begin a plan of action if you’re in one of those fields. It’s already tough having to compete with humans who publish books and also be noticed, now imagine publishers being able to pump 20 books in a month, every month, on time and of high quality. Your book will have to be god-level quality to even justify having to wait a year for a sequel, and that’s if you’re lucky to even be noticed.

Even bloggers and influencers aren’t safe from AI. There’s a debate going on on the ethics of using AI to enhance one’s blog. Are you someone who writes usual tips on how someone can do something? Well, this AI blog, powered by the most powerful search engine can now write up twenty 1000-word evergreen blogs that will dominate the search engine in a day. Good luck competing with that. Oh, are you an influencer whose income is wholly dependent on brand sponsorship? Why sponsor a human, when I can just create an AI personality that will work 24/7 and never needs pay? Youtubers who use virtual avatars have shown that people no longer care whether what they’re watching is human or not, so long as they’re entertained it’s cool to them. Companies are also experimenting with Instagram AI to see what type of personalities click with their audience. Also, I’m pretty sure we toyed with the idea of bringing dead celebrities back and monetizing them. The landscape will change in ways we can’t even imagine.

I mean even programmers aren’t safe from AI, with some AI now being capable of writing basic lines of code, how long do you think it will take before the AI becomes intelligent enough to write sophisticated lines of code? Look it’s no doubt that AI will create plenty of new jobs that will require you to learn the ins and out of AI, however, I’m focusing on the jobs that exist now and how AI will catch a lot of people off guard if they’re not prepared.

Having this idea that humans will always want products from other humans is a naive way of thinking considering now people prefer self-checkout, self-service techs. People swore to never abandon certain tech, only for it to be obsolete in a few years. The only thing humans have loyalty to is themselves and anything that will make their lives easy and cheaper. So if you happen to find yourselves in one of the many professions out there that seems like something an AI could replicate, you better start learning and figuring out how you can either adapt or make AI at least work for you. If big tech companies are spending billions to stay ahead, then you ought to at least start researching.

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