Crimson Desert is an open-world action-adventure game that is being developed with Pearl Abyss’ next-generation “BlackSpace Engine.” And now we have a brand new trailer straight out of Gamescom 2023.

Featuring realistic characters and stories, the play depicts the tale of mercenaries fighting for survival in the vast continent of “Pywel.” With development being led by Executive Producer Daeil Kim, Crimson Desert is focused on creating a deep, immersive story paired with intense action gameplay. Pearl Abyss is developing Crimson Desert with a global audience in mind by offering the best game experience. Crimson Desert is simultaneously aiming for a global release on PC and console.

The absence of the king and the power vacuum that ensues spark a fierce struggle for the throne of Akapen among the ambitious Pywel. Vying for power, they try to eliminate the king’s legitimate heir, and the young prince, fearing for his life, flees to the distant region of Kweiden for refuge. Kliff, the leader of the Grey Mane mercenaries who hails from Kweiden, is charged with safeguarding the young prince. As he and his Grey Mane comrades traverse with the prince along a perilous path fraught with threats, they fall into a dangerous trap set by Kliff’s sworn adversaries, the Black Bear mercenaries. Alone and unaware of the fate of his companions, Kliff grapples with overwhelming guilt. However, he soon comes to realize that he has been swept into a web of deceit and conspiracy, fueling his search for his Grey Mane comrades and his journey for revenge.

Along the way, Kliff learns secrets about his past which were unknown to him, and as he uncovers these secrets, he learns that a great fate awaits him and the world at large. Key Features Explore a beautifully designed open world that is brimming with life and detail and follow the journey of Kliff across the continent of Pywel. Visit cold deserts, rough cities, and villages, and engage in diverse cultures.
Fight daunting foes and enemies and master a revolutionary combat system that will get your heart pumping and give you the confidence to even challenge the biggest boss.
Travel using an array of mobility options—walk, climb, use mounts, glide, and even skydive to get around Pywel.

Ease your survival in Pywell with various activities including cooking, hunting, mining, gathering, fishing, crafting, horse taming, and much more.

Enjoy stunning graphics in crisp 4K and exquisite detail thanks to the powers of Pearl Abyss’ cutting-edge proprietary BlackSpace engine.

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