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I’m Kinda Wary Of ODIN: Valhalla Rising – The Impressive Looking Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Mobile Game!

When that first trailer for Project Odin, now officially known as ODIN: Valhalla Rising came out, I was mad skeptical. I mean, sure the game LOOKED amazing but will with PLAY amazing, that’s the real question!

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What Kind Of Next-Gen Leap Should We Expect From The PS5 & Xbox Series X?

It’s kinda funny really! With all these talks of next-gen consoles being PS5 and Xbox Series X, I neglected to ask myself what type of next-gen leap should I expect from these consoles? I mean, should we expect to see higher fidelity in graphics, or is time to finally say goodbye to 30FPS and see games embrace full 60FPS?

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The Last Of Us 2 Was Originally Delayed Indefinitely For A Reason, Then It Went Gold! Is This A Cause For Concern?

I hate to be that guy but The Last Of Us 2 was originally delayed indefinitely for a reason. Prior to all of this, a part of me took it as them wanting to polish the game further. Yeah, we had the Covid-19 pandemic, but most game dev delayed their game for a month to two months at least, I don’t recall anyone indefinitely delaying their game indefinitely because of the pandemic. After the leak to place, next thing you know, it turns gold.  Doesn’t that strike you as odd?