As the mobile scene continues to explode, we are treated with amazing-looking games! One of which is “Reverse:1999”!

Here’s the synopsis for the game:

On the last day of 1999, “heavy rain” came to the world: the ground overflowed with water for no reason, your fingertips Encountered soaring raindrops-a “torrential rain” pouring into the sky. Pedestrians and walls are peeling and dissolving in the rain, and the world seems to have come to a new and old era. Everyone except you disappeared after the “torrential rain” eroded. In this world where humans and occultists coexist, there is a group called “Hands of Reshaping”, who are dedicated to restoring the glory of occultism.

They seem to be both heretics and foresight. What is certain is that their dormancy and dark movement are not unrelated to the birth of “torrential rain”. You are called “Sichen”, appointed by the “St. Love Foundation”, an organization that specializes in housing occultists, and a witness of the times. Every year after the “heavy rain” comes, you can shuttle through the cycle of times, and find other occultists of different ages and countries who have noticed the precursors of the change with the sonnets of the members of the Foundation, and then…help them escape “rainstorm”. And you can’t order the “torrential rain” to reveal the secret to you. It was hidden behind the curtains of rain, on the last day of 1999.

Game details:

  • The game appears to be set in a world where time suddenly went in reverse upon reaching the last year of the millennium (aka 1999). There’s also a mysterious organization called Manus Vindictae (Latin: The Hand of Revenge) that wants the Girl in Purple to join them.
  • You, the player, are called as The Timekeeper.
  • Reverse:1999 is a turn-based card battle game! Cards can be merged during your turn, with two 1-star cards merging into one 2-star card and two 2-star cards into one 3-star card. Up to six cards are available for use a time, and this can be shuffled.

This looks absolutely amazing and really highlights how mobile games have evolved over time. Since this has an English voice-over, there’s a chance it may come to the global market, especially with the trailer showing what could be a January 7th, 2022 release date! TBC! We will have to wait and see!

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