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Starlanders is a brand new upcoming Anime ARPG that looks to be a hybrid between Honkai Impact, Code Vein & very loosely Dark Souls. There’s just one problem, there’s little to no information about this game.

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the desolated kingdom of Penumbra and discover the hidden secrets of this long-forgotten land. Explore mystical temples, encounter survivors and take on strange quests to collect valuable items. Along your adventure, slash your way through daunting adversaries, roam across mysterious and abandoned regions, leap through deadly traps and ultimately master the art of movement.

I scoured all of the internets to find more information about the game, but Starlanders elusive title. No official page, no social media presence, shit if I didn’t see it on my Timeline, I wouldn’t have even been aware of it.

All I was able to find is that Starlanders is being developed by Access and is hybrid PC and mobile game.

Well, since I have found it and seen gameplay of Starlanders, it looks like a title worth keeping an eye out for!

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