Eric July, otherwise known as YoungRippa is a political commentary Youtuber! Aside from his day-to-day discussion of pop culture and politics, he’s also an avid comic book fan who felt that the quality of comics from the likes of Marvel or DC hasn’t been up to his standard. Thus, he ventured out and started Rippaverse, an independent comic studio, launching his debut comic ISOM. Of course, given his background, many have taken to this being an anti-woke movement to fight the liberals and not a genuine attempt at telling a story. I for one see it another way.

First of let’s get one thing clear about the word “woke”! It comes from the Black community and is often used to promote enlightenment and awareness of issues plaguing the black community. Somehow, it has evolved to now mean anything outside the “status quo”. An example would be if J.K Rowling decided to make a new Wizardry story, and the new hero ends up being African, the political right, despite this being an original story, would consider it “woke” and would outright reject the new book! Essential the word woke has been used to the point of bastardization and no longer represents its true meaning and is now used to shame anything new, regardless of its quality. Just thought I’d get that clear!

Eric’s Rippaverse, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily against the “woke agenda”, but more so addressing a very apparent issue in the comic industry. And that is the lack of respect for the source material and for the customers. In his campaign, he states clear goals that he’s trying to achieve, such as:


Notice how none of what he aims has anything to do with fighting against diversity and “wokeness”, but wanting to respect the customer’s time and money, and restore the American comic scene! Despite this, the reception for Rippaverse has been surprisingly divisive, going even as far as causing Reddit’s comic page to ban anyone who shares his campaign. It’s interesting how these events have unfolded. Despite ISOM’s achievements, reaching millions in dollars, the man behind the comic seems to be more important to some people than the potential quality of the comic itself!

Now, there’s another aspect to this that people are championing this comic series, and that’s the idea that the comic won’t have woke politics in it. In translation, it won’t have left-leaning politics. Although it is claimed that Isom, the comic, will be apolitical, that alone shouldn’t be a strong selling point because it’s virtually impossible to write any story without a message behind it. And superhero stories one way or another always touch political subjects. Well, that all depends on where Eric takes the story.

Either way, more options for comics are better than having only one source for it! I wish Eric and his team all the best as a fellow indie comic writer (Red Rapture is available on Amazon, had to throw in a quick promo in there somewhere) and I hope many more people, despite your political background, step forward too to create their visions.

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