You know, a speedrunning isekai manga was something that was bound to happen eventually, if not already, and I found this one, Speedrunner Cannot Return from the Game World also known as RTA Sousha wa Game Sekai kara Kaerenai to be quite amusing to read especially if you’re already familiar with the speedrunning scene.

Our protagonist, the speedrunning emperor of “Another Verse,” suddenly feels sleepy in the middle of practice. When he awakens, the familiar opening of “Another Verse” is playing right before his eyes!? In this godly environment where the body is moving better than usual, you have to speedrun! Clearing the game world faster than anyone! Abusing bugs to fight, the “fastest” Isekai fantasy!!

I find the concept of a speedrunning manga to be fascinating as all I saw is this dude break every conventional isekai trope within the first two chapters. Now currently, the premise of the manga is to try and get the true ending of the game in order to help the priestess regain her former self. The major appeal of this manga I see is the humor and the deeper insight into speedrunning a game.

There are currently four chapters out right now, and the plot is interesting enough to follow but nothing to write home about. The appeal comes from how the MC exploits the glitches in the game to beat the bosses. The art in this manga is pretty good, it has this wholesome vibe to it, despite some of the fanservice.

Overall, it’s worth checking out.

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