Hey, it’s been a while since I wrote something on the website. I’ve been busy promoting my comic Red Rapture (which you can pick up issue #1 right now on Amazon)! However, I wanted to at least post this first impression of Webtoon’s latest Original, Here There Be Dragons, a fantasy story about a young girl named Bree!

Bree — a Dragonspeaker — receives a message from an ancient, dying dragon that sets her on a perilous journey. Now with the world losing balance, Bree must unite her team of young knights and save the dragon before it’s too late…

The story is pretty interesting enough, although there are only four episodes out right now, the idea of the main character Bree, being able to turn into a mini dragon was enough to at least capture my interest. The visuals are OK, good enough to please the eyes in my book but nothing that will blow your mind away. The characters are honestly a hit or miss for me, to be honest. Their designs aside, yeah, there are only four episodes out as I said but I am having a hard time caring for them just yet, not to mention two of them have done nothing but argue the whole time, and after a few panels, it got a bit annoying so there’s that! Of course, I’m sure that will sort itself out in the coming pages. If the monsters in this world are any indication of how dangerous this journey of Bree is going to be, then I’m willing to give it a chance to see what other powers and battles will be in the story. And, dragons, you can never go wrong with dragon stories.

So if you’re a massive fan of dragons and fantasy, then this one is worth checking out now on webtoon!

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