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Netflix’s The Witcher Season 1 Review: A Spectacular Adaptation Of The Books!

Netflix’s The Witcher, one of few series I had been anticipating this year came out three days ago, and I took my time watching the series. My final verdict is that I really liked this adaptation of the books, and it really makes you wanna play the games to learn more about the world of the Witcher.

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Joker Review: Not As Dark As I Thought But Still A Great Origin Story About The Clown Prince of Crime!

I finally went I saw the infamous Joker movie. After months of rhetoric about how the movie will be a gateway for breeding potential mass shooters, as it turns out, it’s got nothing to do with a mass shooting, or even mass killing of any kind. It’s about how one man’s entire life could’ve gone another direction had he not been adopted by a psychotic woman. It’s also about how society can play a role in a person spiraling into madness.