I’ve spent some time playing the Sonic Speed Simulator, an open-world online multiplayer game officialized by SEGA and published by gamefamstudios on the Roblox platform. And although it’s fun to run around as Sonic and other characters, the game becomes less fun the faster you go!

The self-proclaimed “fastest game in Roblox history” certainly lives up to the title, having you rocket across the well-designed Sonic stages in 3D! As you run across the map and collect the crystals scattered around, you’ll begin to level up, and as you do so too does your speed increase! The max level in the game is 1,000. However, by the time you reach Level 150, you’re essentially blitzing the entire map in less than 5 seconds. There lies the issue with the game.

Once you’ve garnered enough speed, you’ll soon realize how small the maps are for that kind of speed, and with the game offering you to build even greater speed, one has to wonder why, when the map clearly isn’t designed for that type of speed. I mean, even a slight curved ground will have you flying to the space colony ark each time, and after numerous times, it can get annoying.

The game offers a race mode though where you can race against other players. It sounds good on paper and even gives you an incentive to level up further, but once you get to the tracks, the maps are abysmal, to say the least. The latest update offered a slightly longer track, but once again seems pointless with the speed you have attained.

Its free-to-play model is generous if you are prepared to drag across the map in the first 20-45 mins, depending on how quickly you can get a Chao and a Trail. Oh, that’s right I almost forgot to mention, the game offers you tools such as a Chao and a Trail that helps multiple your XP to level up quickly, and you can get them by grinding rings and playing the gacha game system. Of course, you can circumvent this by just shilling some cash.

Since it’s a free game, I won’t knock it down too much, but since it’s been officiated by Sega I do hope that the developers will keep this in mind and add bigger maps, or at least a longer race track, maybe incorporating laps to justify the speed we’ve attained from all that leveling. You can only fly off the map so many times before it gets tedious and annoying. Still, it’s a fun game nonetheless to pass the time! And since it’s free-to-play and constantly updating, I won’t give a score of any kind, so you can take this as somewhat of a pseudo-review since I doubt the game will change drastically over the coming months!

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