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Is The Black Clover Demon Residing Inside Asta’s Grimoire A Corrupted, Fallen Angel?

Yeah, I know the title seems like a stretch but hear me out here. I’ve recently been catching up with the Black Clover anime and while watching the part in which the Queen of the Witches was explaining the origins of the two swords, something caught my eye.

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Black Clover Episode 37 – The One With No Magic First Impression

Another day, another review! This time it’s the long over due Black Clover. I’ve been following this anime for a while now but I haven’t been talking about it as much as I’d like to. That and I’ve only been watching the dubbed version so I’m always a couple of episode behind. However, I’ve decided to start reviewing the anime on a weekly bases, starting with episode 37.

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Asta Turning Into A Demon? Yuno’s Actually The Real Hero In Black Clover? A Twist To The Generic Shōnen Trope

So I recently just watched the latest episode of Black Clover and despite people disliking the anime, I’ve grown fond of it. It’s the embodiment of everything that makes up a Shonen and more. But what if that’s what they want you to believe. What if Asta, one the main protagonist of the anime is been set up to become a demon, and it’s Yuno who’s really going to become the Wizard King by slaying his own brother. That’s the discussion for today.