Yeah, I know the title seems like a stretch but hear me out here. I’ve recently been catching up with the Black Clover anime and while watching the part in which the Queen of the Witches was explaining the origins of the two swords, something caught my eye.

Keep in mind that I don’t read the manga so if this has already been answered then that’s great I guess, but for me as an anime only watcher, I can still speculate. Plus, I’m sure there’s others like me who would like a place to speculate too.

So during the flashback, I believe the Queen was explaining the or-gins of the two swords, the Demon-Slayer Sword & the Demon-Dweller Sword. As it turns out, these swords originally belonged to Licht, the leader of the Elf Tribe and one of its ten Apostles of Sephirah. Now, in that shot we can see Licht wielding the two swords, however they didn’t look the same as they do now in Asta’s possession. They have a golden taint to them, similar to that of Licht and his people’s magic.

Here’s my theory on why I think the demon inside Asta’s five-clover grimoire might in fact have been a good spirit turned bad. So you know how in the world of Black Clover there are these elemental spirits that possess incredible powers, such has Yuno’s Wind spirit and Fana’s Fire Salamander, well I’m speculation is that Licht may have obtained one himself that had an attribute of Light. Essentially, I’m trying to say that the demon that once attacked the Clover kingdom, may not have necessary been the same demon that’s trapped inside the grimoire.

My guess is that when Licht’s people were attacked by the mysterious entity, his despair for the lose of his wife and his people caused his grimoire to turn dark, and his spirit followed suit since they are tied to the book. Licht and his people were blessed with bountiful amount of magic, and when the first Wizard King showed up and offered them an alliance, they were more that happy to share their knowledge and magic with the world.

However, when everything was taken away from him, this in turn made Licht want to take everything away from the world. Which would kinda explain why the swords in the grimoire are draining magic. It’s as if, the swords are saying that no one deserves the mana of the world.

I mean, in the scene the swords where translucent but still had the shape of swords. Now, they are rusted up swords that seem to have been abandoned for years. That’s what I’m thinking right now. It’s either that or Licht sealed up a demon that once ransack his homeland before the invasion began.

Either way, that’s just my theory on Asta’s swords and grimoire. Let me know what you guys think of it.

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