Another day, another review! This time it’s the long over due Black Clover. I’ve been following this anime for a while now but I haven’t been talking about it as much as I’d like to. That and I’ve only been watching the dubbed version so I’m always a couple of episode behind. However, I’ve decided to start reviewing the anime on a weekly bases, starting with episode 37.

Honestly, the whole fight between Yami and Licht was dope as hell. Yami constantly outdid himself in that fight and has slowly become one of my favorite character due to his personality. His nonchalant approach to almost everything is hilarious at times. Of course, Licht wasn’t no push over either and really put up a good fight. I am quite curious to know the connection between Licht and Gauche. I mean, given that Gauche’s Mirror Magic is both a natural weakness to Licht’s magic, it can also be a great asset and boost to the light magic if used correctly. Anyways soon after, three of the Magic Knight captains—Jack the Ripper, Charlotte, and Nozel—showed up  to Yami and Asta’s aid in fighting the Third Eye.


It’s the first time we…well I have seen Jack the Ripper in person like that, and hearing that he went toe-to-toe Yami got me wanting to see the fight even more! Another surprise to this episode is Charlotte’s crush on Yami. That is something I didn’t expect. Honestly, it’s kinda cute.

We also learned more about Asta’s grimoire and the origin of the swords that he wields. Also, did anyone pick up on the use of “human” by Licht. He was very adamant on Asta not touching that sword and calling him human. Does that mean that the boss of Licht isn’t human himself. Asta is told that his grimoire and swords belong to Licht’s master, and Licht wants them back. With a quick teamwork of Yami and Asta, they were able to catch Licht off guard and cause him to almost explode. That’s when the Third Eye showed that they were holding back and saved Licht in order to retreat.

Overall, the episode as dope as always and I can’t wait to begin reviewing future episodes.

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