Could Yuno from Black Clover turn evil? I don’t know if you all are following me very closely but if you remember, I once said that I wouldn’t read manga anymore, to further enhance my anime experience. Well, that phase is over lol.

After watching Black Clover get more and more amazing, I couldn’t help but start reading the manga to see more, and my goodness is it amazing. But aside from that, I learned a lot from those extra information that I got from the manga, like Yuno’s origins, and how everything that makes him what he is started to make sense. However, even in the anime, they explained something that really got me thinking.

Over the course of Black Clover, Yuno’s been displaying a cold and ruthless mannerism whenever he’s on a mission, and although he cares for his friends, this man has no issue slaughtering anyone that threatens his home. That latest chapter gave me that same impression.

tenor (2)

Asta, when he fights his opponents for the most part never gives off the impression that he’ll kill anyone, but with Yuno, I don’t get that vibe. I truly believe that this man will kill without hesitation. So what happens when someone from the other kingdoms attacks Hage village and actually manages to kill the orphanages? Or how about now, with the attack on the Clover Kingdom in the manga? You telling me that Yuno won’t completely snap and go wild if he loses any more comrades? Considering that he’s the human host for Licht’s child, there’s elven energy/blood/spirit surging through his veins, so I think he’s more susceptible to hatred than anyone out there. Yeah, he has that strong will he inherited from Asta but man, we’ve seen what strong negative emotion can do to a person.

It’s ironic too, considering it’s Asta that has a literal demon inside of him, yet he’s the one with an unwavering positive outlook in life. Now I’m just theorizing here so nothing is confirmed but it is interesting to consider. I mean it could be a purposeful misdirecting by the author to mislead us (or me) but it’s still interesting. Let me know what you guys think about all of this.

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