Right off the bat we were told that Asta and Yuno were orphans left at the church who grew up together and ever since then, I’ve being curious as to who their parents were and how important could they be in the story.

Note: I am a dub anime watcher only so my knowledge is based on what I’ve seen so far! If you’re a manga reader, read on till the end but don’t spoil!

So lets start with what we already know. Asta and Yuno were left in an orphanage, and aside from Asta, Yuno was found with a very interesting pendants around his neck that he keeps around. It’s potentially the only connection that he has with his biological parents. We also know that when both Asta and Yuno became of age, they both obtained grimoires of their own, with Yuno noted to have received the four leaf clover, the same clover that the first magic emperor had when he defeated the demon that attacked the clover kingdom.


Asta on the other hand received a five leaf clover that gave him anti-magic abilities. Now here’s where things get a little bit more interesting. During Licht and Yami’s battle, Licht gave his back story on where he came from. His clan had an aptitude for magic and were sometimes revered as gods. However, upon meeting Asta and seeing the five clover grimoire, he lost his cool and yelled at Asta stating that the clover does not belong to the likes of him. Implying that he knows who the rightful person the grimoire belonged to or that he’s implying that the grimoire belong to his people in that instance. He also referred to Asta as human, also implying that his people weren’t human at all.

It’s a safe bet that whoever this sword belonged to may have a tie with Licht clan, the first magic emperor and as a result of that, with Asta. I mean when we were first introduced to the anime, we were shown the first magic emperor fighting the demon and the emperor wielded Light Magic, something that seemed to be originated from Licht clan. My guess is that, the light sword that hit the demon in the chest was a sealing magic that absorbed the demon into the sword, which consequently turned the sword black and into a grimoire, hence why it looks so rusty and corrupted.

Now here’s where things get crazy. I think that Asta might be a half breed of whatever Licht people are and a human. No matter how you look at Asta, he has displayed feats that far exceeds that of a regular human being, which could be the results of being half…well whatever Licht people are. He may also be a descended of the first emperor as well. The reason why I say this is because, the five leaf clover reacted to Asta’s presence and the need for power. If the sword is the same light magic sword that the Magic emperor threw at the demon, when it would kinda make sense that it would react to a descendant of the Magic emperor, right?


Then what about Yuno? Well, I think that Yuno origin is a bit trickier to figure out. Once again keep in mind that I only watch the dub version and I’m basing this off of my observation. Yuno wields the four leaf clover, which you most likely places him as a favorite to be the direct descendant of royalty aka the first magic emperor. But I’m gonna go ahead and say that Yuno might not even have any ties with the guy at all but could possible have some direct relation to Licht’s clan. I mean when you look at Yuno’s and Licht eyes, height and demeanor, there’s some type of similarity. Clan members tend to share these types of features which makes them easy to identify.

Not only that, Licht mentioned that his clan has high aptitude for magic and what do you know, so does Yuno. The only thing that I can’t explain is why both Asta and Yuno were placed in the church at the same time. Maybe the manga has explained it, but for me I’ll have to wait awhile to find out.

Let me know your thoughts on this and if you’re a manga reader, play game with me! Out of ten, rate how close or far I am to getting this right.

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