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Black Sands, An Animated Pilot Based On Ancient Myths & Inspired By Shonen!

Once in a while I like to check out new ideas that are swirling around on the internet and sure enough, I stumbled upon this little gem right here. Black Sands is a story about 4 royal children traveling the world, facing ancient gods and legendary leaders. After I checked out the first comic strip, I knew they’ve got something here.

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IDW’s Sonic The Hedgehog 2018 Comic: Issue 1-6 Review – It’s A Must Read If You’re A Sonic Fan

The sonic comics have always done a great job in filling in the gaps that the games tend to leave out. Heck, they even go above and beyond to give us more materials for us craving fans. So when I heard that IDW have picked up the Sonic The Hedgehog series, I was pretty hyped to say the least.

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What I Look Forward To Seeing In The All-New IDW Sonic Comic Series

Like many of you out there, I loved reading the Archie Sonic comics and the way it expanded the lore and world of Sonic. So when I heard that the series was shutting down, it bummed it out. Fortunately, IDW has picked up the rights to create a brand new Sonic comics and the series will start in April 2018. So today I wanted to discuss what I’d like to see from this new series.

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My View On Changing Original Characters To Fit An Agenda Of Diversity & Why I Disagree With It!

For a while now I’ve seen the discussion on why it’s a great idea to change characters who were depicted as one thing, to another thing in order to fit a specific agenda. With diversity been more and more prominent and important than ever before, people want to see themselves depicted heroically or villainy. I understand where these idea comes from and, I see their point of view and why many would want that, but in my opinion I simply can’t agree with that notion.