Zombie stories, you can never have enough of them if done correctly! Although an exhausted genre, I still feel like there’s always something more that can be done with them. So enters TACIT, a webtoon set in the near future, the world is a desolate place occupied by the undead. Strange crystals emit a deadly zombie virus as the last remnants of humanity struggle to avoid infection and survive.

Despite all this, life is relatively peaceful for young Ruby, who lives in the Amina Safe Zone with her father and a small band of other survivors. All of this changes when Ruby encounters Arvan, a white-haired young man with pale skin and no heartbeat. This meeting sets off a series of events that force Ruby and her father to embark on a journey to discover the truth.

If there’s one thing I’ll give this manga, it’s the art! It stands out well among other webtoons I’ve seen and looks amazing! I’m very curious as to where this type of zombie story will go, given that the boy in this story is a walking talking zombie. Both the boy and Ruby’s personalities are fun to follow, however, it sometimes makes me forget they’re in a dangerous environment.

Not to mention that the tech in this world seems more advanced than usual. So far it’s an enjoyable read but I get the feeling this story ain’t meant for me. Regardless, I thought I’d recommend it to you guys in case it resonate with you!

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