Ever since Sonic Colors Ultimate got released, it has been met with an array of issues, far too many to name. Although the production of the remake was handled by an outside studio, it raises the question of how SEGA is handling the quality control of their own IP, and what that means for Sonic Game 2022!

As a fan of the blue blur, it really hurts when I see him stumble so often. Many fans of the series are at a point where they are just praying for the next installment to just be good. Not groundbreaking, or pushing the envelope, or even great. Just good. Just good enough where people no longer slander his name, just good enough to give us, the fans hope! That’s just sad. And now with how messed up the remake has been on launch, something no one thought they could mess up, yet they did, it begs the question of what their quality team was doing to let so many bugs fly past them? How extensively did they test the game before launch and was this another rushed experience?

I recall the interview that Takashi Iizuka had done where the reveal for Sonic 2022 was done too early! I don’t know why but hearing that did not make me feel good whatsoever. What if now, the team is under pressure to meet an undisclosed deadline, forcing them to take shortcuts. Look, I don’t want to scare anyone, but it is an understatement that Sonic is not in the best place right now and needs to regain our trust. We can’t afford a blunder anymore like Sonic Forces, a game technical-wise was good but overall left little to be desired. Sonic Forces did something to me I never thought would happen with me when it comes to Sonic, it made me bitter about the future prospect of Sonic games going forward. And now, it’s getting worse! I hope what happened with Sonic Colors Ultimate will not happen with the new Sonic 2022!

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