So I just got done watching the final episode of season 5 Rick and Morty, and holy moly did that answer and raise so many questions. Central Finite Curve? Evil Morty? Rick’s past? So many questions. So it’s theory time as to who this Evil Morty really is as the other theory has unfortunately been debunked.

So here’s what I’m thinking. Evil Morty, after watching that episode, I am now convinced that this evil Morty was the one who controlled and set off his Rick to go kill Rick’s C-137 family! Why do I think that? Well, consider Evil Morty’s plan. His entire goal was to escape the Central Finite Curve, and to do so, he would need a power source strong enough to rip a hole through time and space in order to escape. So while it is true that Evil Morty was sick of the twisted reality that all the Morty’s in the Central Finite Curve had to go through, he may have realized that a Rick, who is emotionally distraught might be his key to escaping. He’s not smart enough to build it himself, but he is smart enough to manipulate Ricks and Morty’s to get the job done!

Which means he orchestrated everything from the beginning. However, in order to escape from something, first, you’d need to realize that you’re trapped in the first place. So how did Evil Morty even realize that he’s in a pocketed universe created by Ricks? One of my guesses is in the Central Finite Curve. There’s not much known about this Central Finite Curve, but I’m going to take a massive leap of faith and guess that there’s some type of looping going on, where Evil Morty is outside the loop, and therefore not affected by it. Either that or Evil Morty might be a greater genius than Rick, which is my second theory.

See that is where things get interesting so let’s start with the latter first. I truly believe that Evil Morty is the original Morty, the Morty that has been untainted by the manipulation of that genetic reproduction system and kept himself hidden long enough for his plan to come into effect. Which begs the question, what happened to his Rick? In the flashback memory of Rick C-137, he went on a hunting spree to kill the Rick that killed his family but never found him. Knowing that there’s a Morty smart enough to outsmart Rick, it’s time to accept the possibility that there’s a Rick smarter than the C-137 version, yet also under the control of Evil Morty without even being aware of it. I doubt Morty was smart enough to build a Rick from scratch, otherwise, he wouldn’t need him.

Evil Morty was the only Morty who knew about the Central Finite Curve, in a multiverse kinda theory, there should have at least been more than one who’s realized this, just as most of the Rick knew of each other existence. They could have worked together. Yet, there’s only one! In the episode Cold Open: A Mission to Kill God, they played with the ideas of clones and copies and not knowing who’s who! So no matter how you look at it, there has to be an original, the first, the prime version of Rick and Morty. We’ve met the Morty I believe, however, I don’t believe that we’ve met with the original Rick. The Rick that gave birth to the original Beth, who gave birth to Evil Morty, a Morty so aware of the CfC that he wanted out. I mean, lets go back to Jessica when she became a time god. Something about what she says now feels different with the context of episode 10! Now I get the feeling that she is aware of the Central Finite Curve and that phrase of wondering if she’s just another character in someone else story is likely her becoming aware of the time loop I brought up. Now when I say time loop I don’t have been just a small-time loop, I’m talking universe dying and being reborn, never to ever die. Since this is rick we’re talking about, the guy who created a pocket universe in his car, this doesn’t seem too far out of reach!

Now that Morty opened the door for the infinite multiverse, and Rick no longer has a green portal gun, this opens up the door for more crazier shit, like finding out who could be smarter than Rick, or maybe we’ve already met him…wink, wink.

I dunno, it’s just my guess! Let me know you guy’s thought this.

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