Over the past few weeks since the end of the manga for Attack on Titan, fans have expressed their disappointment in the way the manga ended. It’s fine to not like an ending but to say you can do better, I feel is slightly arrogant! That’s where Attack On Titan: Requiem comes to play, a fan dedicated project to “write” the wrongs of Hajime Isayama’s work! However, there’s more to this group that people should know!

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with fans expressing their disappointment with the ending of a series, we have done so for ages! There’s nothing wrong with reimagining alternative timelines of how something could have gone! What I personally often have an issue with when it comes to this kind of approach is when some people feel like they could tell a better story than the creator himself or herself. And badmouth the creator in the process.

Let me elaborate, hindsight is always 20/20! Once you see something play out, you always feel like you could have done better. However, even if you could tell a story that you and many other would like, the reality is, your story is not the vision of what the original creator intended. Look, I’ll be the first to say it, Attack on Titan’s ending was bittersweet, rushed, filled with contradictions and I didn’t like it. Yes, Ymir’s reason for doing what she did was lame! Yes, the ending was rushed for whatever reason, and yes the creator Hajime Isayama even said that he changed his ending because it got popular and backtracked on his ending. He also stated that he “grew up” along with the story and didn’t want to “kill everyone”. And his editors kinda made him change the ending too. It’s all a mess, to be honest. However, given all of that, I hate to say it but some people liked the ending. The story of Attack on Tian will always divide fans and well, it is what it is!

Now let’s talk about Attack On Titan: Requiem! According to their website, their goal is to tell the story Hajime Isayama couldn’t or wouldn’t tell. It began because the founder was “angry, betrayed and all the adjectives”. So he took upon himself or herself to gather up a team and begin writing the ending that was supposed to happen. I read it and it’s pretty good, ties up all the loose ending pretty well so I’ll give them that.

However, that innocent fan intent goes out the window when you begin to badmouth the creator and stir potential hate towards him. These types of behavior do not look good, especially when your “work” is just taking other people’s work and acting like your doing something better. Look, I’ve read the fanfic as I said, and it’s not bad, it’s just a shame that these are the types of people that are working on it. It’s even worse that they’re badmouthing a creator who is perfectly fine and, even encourages fanfic!

I felt like talking about this seeing that even Comic Book themselves decided to cover them. Also, they’re working on an “anime adaptation of it too, now that is wild to me lol! As I said, their work isn’t bad, but it should be noted who these people are behind the work!

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