When I heard that DC comics were making a webtoon for Webtoons called Batman: Wayne Family
Adventures, I wasn’t sure what to feel. After reading the first three chapters, well I can say it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. Basically, if you were able to enjoy Teen Titans Go & Justice League Action, then Batman: Wayne Family is no different, as it takes the slice-of-life approach in a wholesome kind of way.

Here’s the synopsis:

Batman needs a break. But with new vigilante Duke Thomas moving into Wayne Manor and an endless supply of adopted, fostered, and biological superhero children to manage, Bruce Wayne is going to have his hands full. Being a father can’t be harder than being Batman, right?

The only thing that bothers me is why is Damian brown? Or dark-skinned or whatever? It’s such an odd change and I can’t get over it. If they explain that his mother is brown too (which they will have to at some point) then that would make sense at least. Still, when it comes to the changes of an established character’s designs, be the race or gender, I’m never really for it. At least his personality is in tack for the most part. Also, I have to say, it’s really weird seeing Batman/Bruce Wayne smile, I can’t get over that at all.

Other than that the humor is fine, I will admit that I’m starting to like this iteration of the bat family if only to see them from a different perspective.

Anyways, overall it’s a good casual read if you’re interested.

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