Over the years of being on this platform, and as a fan of pop culture, there’s a group of content creators that I’ve noticed have gained momentum. Anti Woke warriors! It started out as something to counter Social Justice Warrior, and for a time they grounded themselves in staying factual and level head. I’ve talked about them in the past but after their recent “rallying” against Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, I can now say with confidence that they’re no longer in it to inform the people but rather to fuel hate and anger, whenever something doesn’t sit right with them. They have become the very people they’ve sworn to fight against!

So who or what are Anti Woke Warriors? Well think Social Justice Warrior but the complete opposite, and equally as annoying. They fight SJW on every premise and view themselves to be the final front against the insanity of wokeness. However, in a cruel sense of irony, they’ve literally become the very thing they’re fighting against. Using hate, anger, and negativity to prove that anything that diverts from the “norm” will fail one way or the other. It started out fine enough, with them making compelling arguments but as of later, they’ve GONE off the deep end now that they’ve realized there are views to be gained from it.

These channels and websites are some of the most popular in this field, and are usually the ones you’ll run into anytime something negative are to be said about anything that remotely smells like SJW/ wokeness. Usually, I myself am not a fan of SJWs but AWWs are starting to be no better than the former. At first, they would try and cover the aspect of pop culture others would not. And do it with fair points. Speak on things that I felt were necessary to talk about in order to ensure the content we enjoy doesn’t stray too far from their original source however, I have to call them out on this one here as now, it seems they’re more interested in negative news rather than talking about the things that are more important in this community. I’m not asking for people to be positive but you gotta ask yourself, what did this even add to the conversation? I’ll give you an example.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings came out on Sep 3rd, 2021! For most people with any bit of common sense, it was expected that a hero like Shang-Chi would not draw in the level of an audience other Marvel characters are capable of. Up until this very point, most people hadn’t heard of Shang-Chi. So many likely were either hesitant or not interested. Yet, that doesn’t speak on the movie itself.

What was more important was whether the movie holds up quality-wise! With the way their titles and thumbnail are presented, you would have assumed that the movie was utter garbage, however, as of this writing, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is sitting comfortably at 97% rotten tomatoes.

As you can see both the audience and the critics enjoyed the movie, which further proves that this recent movement only focuses to twist the narrative to their favor. They made a naive prediction to bait their audience into reacting. And if this movie had been a flop quality-wise, that would further strengthen their argument. For a group that complains that SJW makes everything political, they sure play the same game.

All I’m going to say is be more aware of these Anti-Woke Warriors. As I said in my past blog, if not checked they may do more harm than good.

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