Alright, so today we’re checking out Broken Beat Manga, an interesting work of fiction that combines samurai with mystical forces!

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After witnessing his father being killed by The Creator God Seikatsu. Sin being one of the last Forthbringers is told to seek out the Garden of Eden to fulfill his destiny. Venturing out into a world of science, bloodlust and conquest. Endless conflict between humans and manifestors make for a challenging journey. In order to stopping Seikatsu’s reign, Sin must become a Knight of Eve.

Broken Beat seems to combine samurai aesthetic with science and magic. Kinda like Afro Samurai but with its own take on it.

I read the prologue and the first chapter since that’s what is currently available right now at the time of this blog post and I think it’s pretty good. It has the potential for something great if handled correctly. My only criticism is the paneling is kinda hard to follow in the prologue but it slowly improves in the first chapter. The art style was very clean in the prologue and gave us a good idea as to what we can expect in Broken Beat.

The manga isn’t just where Broken Beat stops at, they’re even working on an anime to tie with the manga, and from what I peeped, it looks quite good.

If you’d like to check out Broken Beat and see if it’s something you’d be interested in, then check them out here!

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