Before you read this, I need you to sprinkle some MASSIVE amount of salt on this tasty rumour because I don’t know who cooked it! It’s all a rumor that I can’t verify but it’s worth looking into!

So, from what I have been able to gather, a number of things are claimed to be in Elder Scrolls VI which makes for an exciting game. Let’s get the obvious rumour out of the way. For years now it’s been rumoured that the next Elder Scrolls game is set in Hammerfell. It’s a vast province in the west of Tamriel, bordered by High Rock to the north, Skyrim to the northeast and Cyrodiil to the east and southeast. It is the homeland of the Redguards, which I’m really excited about. Out of everything, this one seems to be the most plausible one. The rest are a toss-up at this point.

Now, rumour has it that Elder Scrolls 6 might have a political system. I’m not sure what that entails so my best guess is that you may be tasked to lead a faction or a nation (maybe lead a coup), and they’ll be opposing parties in the game that you can align yourself with to achieve your goal. It sounds interesting but could also be something that could be axed before release. Next, there are no dragons in Elder Scrolls 6, which to be is great in my opinion. I’ll admit it, I’m tired of dragons at this point (especially after playing Elder Rings), so having something else be the focus may be for the best. It will also prevent the game from being too similar to Skyrim. Another feature to be added is betrayals & marriages, which seem to be another rumored aspect in the game, which is a pleasant surprise. The last rumour is that the dev is considering working with Unreal engine 5. This one sounds great on paper but I doubt Bethesda will do something like this. Likely they’re creating a whole new engine for Elder Scrolls 6. Like I said, all rumors!

So yeah, I mean they are just rumours at the end of the day but it’s something to at least discuss. For me, that political aspect sounds the most interesting. I’m curious if that’s something Bethesda might actually implement. What features are you looking forward to seeing in Elder Scrolls 6!

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