Twitch has made some major changes to their partner program, some good, but most bad for streamers in question!

While nothing is finalized, streamers will be expected to run more ads, as the new revenue split goes from 70-30 to 50-50, something I’m sure most streamers arent’ going to be too happy to hear. Then there are new tiers & no more platform exclusivity. So while there’s no more exclusivity, which is great, that 50-50 split is going to be a tough pill to swallow.

According to Bloomberg,

Some changes to Twitch’s monetization structure could be implemented as soon as this summer, the people said. Twitch staff is considering paring back the revenue cut of channel subscriptions granted to the top echelon of streamers in its so-called partnerships program to 50%, from 70%. Another option is to create multiple tiers and set criteria for how to qualify for each one, two of the people said. In exchange, Twitch may offer to release partners from exclusivity restrictions, allowing them to stream on Google’s YouTube or Facebook.

So year, things could change, that split will likely be the focal point of many discussions among partnered streamers but at least their no longer tied to that platform so there’s room to grow.

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