So it seems that the deal that Elon offered Twitter is going through and already the discourse of people saying that they’ll leave the app has run rampant. Honestly, if you’re one of those people, there’s a high chance that you’ve realized that there was an issue on that platform that favored a certain group (yours), and now the fear of Twitter being turned into a truly open space for dialogue seems to scare those who enjoyed the cozy echo chamber that has been built over the years.!

Funny really, most people’s reaction was to immediately assume that Elon taking office as CEO will allow for racism (and all the other -isms) to run rampant on Twitter from the Right. Well, truth be told racism has been running rampant on that app for years now. From both the Right and the Left. And likely nothing will change in regards to that when Elon takes office. What I can see changing is how dialogues will occur on that platform. No longer will you be shadow-banned for expressing an opinion that under any normal circumstances would be tame or reasonable (or spicy/unpopular in some cases) in the real world, but outlandish and sin on Twitter. I’ve said in the past that there’s no such thing as freedom of speech in the way that people imagine. What we may see is Elon’s definition of freedom of speech. At the end of the day, your freedom of speech is determined by whose house you’re under, and I doubt Elon is planning on attaching a group. His goal is to allow the Twitter space to turn into a more central space for opinions.

Well, that’s what those who support Elon are thinking. Truth is, we don’t know for sure what Elon will do once the company goes private but it won’t be as easy as I know the US government will likely intervene at every step to ensure nothing goes out of hand. Honestly, if you’re threatening to leave the app, then what you’re saying is that you are aware of the echo chamber problem that Twitter has, benefitted from it and now are annoyed that your crazy takes online can now likely be challenged. That’s how you sound to me. That, and you hate Elon for being a billionaire, that seems to be the other reason.

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