Halo Infinite was released over half a month ago and was met with critical acclaim. Yes, the progression system is dodo-ass-cheeks but the devs have acknowledged and promised to fix it so hopefully, it’s all good in that department soon. However, there’s another major problem to address, and that’s the growing in-game cheating.

Halo Infinite unfortunately in its current state has no client-side anti-cheat tools, which are a standard for most online PC games. And for a free-to-play game, it’s an open invitation for cheaters to reign havoc online.

From wallhacks, to aimbots, and infinite grenades and ammunition, things ain’t looking too good for the longevity of Halo Infinite. I knew something was off when I got body-bagged by a sniper that had no business being that accurate with his shots. So I have a suggestion that may possibly solve this cheating problem. Put rank matches behind the season pass! Yeah, as much as I don’t want to pay to play Halo Infinite rank online, I would much rather pay the season pass for rank if I know it would reduce the cheating. It’s gotten so bad that Xbox players now want segregation. It’s not a great fixed but it would help a little. Also, make an example out of these cheaters too! If they see the consequences of cheating are leading them to lose a shit ton of money or jail time, they may stop! Maybe!

If that’s not a solution people want, then be prepared for Halo to die in 6 months’ time! I know the dev have confirmed anti-cheat measures are in the pipeline, how quickly will depend on them. There’s no way people would want to play a game infested with scummy cheaters! Many online games have died like this too, dropping player count like flies! What do you think? Is there a better solution? Let me know!

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