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What Kind Of Next-Gen Leap Should We Expect From The PS5 & Xbox Series X?

It’s kinda funny really! With all these talks of next-gen consoles being PS5 and Xbox Series X, I neglected to ask myself what type of next-gen leap should I expect from these consoles? I mean, should we expect to see higher fidelity in graphics, or is time to finally say goodbye to 30FPS and see games embrace full 60FPS?

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The Last Of Us 2 Delay Is Just The First Of Many Game Delays To Come Thanks To The Coronavirus!

Yesterday, Sony had to make the painful decision to indefinitely delay the launch of The Last of Us Part 2. Although not surprising, it does continue to cement the fact that this Coronavirus is no joke and could lead to more delays in the future. Square Enix knew this and tried to beat the virus by shipping out Final Fantasy VII Remake early to retailers before everything shut down.

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I Fear That The PS5 & Xbox Series X May Get Delayed To 2021 Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic!

With supply chains all over the world seemingly coming to a halt, my gut feeling is telling me that we may not see the PS5 or the Xbox Series until 2021 due to the impact the coronavirus has had over the past few weeks. That, and some analysts are saying the same thing.