While scouring the net for other new manga that got released this season, I stumbled upon AYASHIMON, a manga about a guy’s dream of becoming a manga protagonist as he punches his way into the monstrous world of the Ayashimon Yakuza. It’s as funny as it sounds!

Maruo, a boy starved for battle, meets Urara, a girl trying to escape from underworld thugs… A supernatural yakuza story by Yuji Kaku, the creator of Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku!

Honestly, this manga took me for a loop1 The premise is really simple! Maruo is usually overpowered and wants nothing more than to be useful and have a job! He gets a job where he fights like his favorite manga protagonist and well that’s it. There’s a deeper story that is unfolding about Urara seeking revenge for her father which is also interesting, but I guess the appeal here is a One Punch man inspired character that isn’t technically fully overpowered. It’s worth checking out, if not for the manga references that assume we’ll be seeing throughout the story!

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