For months now, there’ve been rumors, speculation, doubt, and uncertainty that God of War (2018) coming to PC is an unrealistic event to ever happen. Now, on October 20th, one of Playstation’s flagship titles has crossed over to PC gaming! I’m both happy and annoyed by this news!

I’m happy that the game will now be experienced on the best platform ever, more people get to experience a game I gave a solid 10 on my review, even dared to call it a masterpiece at the time, and it opens the door to more PlayStation games coming to the PC. I’m annoyed however that I won’t be able to play the game as if it’s my first time. Although God of War is a great game, I’m personally not fond of replaying games like I used to but I will purchase it to show support to Sony that yes, we want more games from Playstyion on PC.

However, not everyone found the news to be worth celebrating, as I’ve noticed that many gamers were not too eager about it and even went as far as to call it a betrayal of the brand. They are also fearing that this news may hurt PlayStation sales. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As even if all games came to PC, the easy plug-and-play aspect of the console is still something that can never be replicated on PC. Some people simply don’t like to play on a sophisticated PC and would much rather know that all their games work on launch. For the rest of us, if we can get past the optimization part, we get to play the game in the best version so it’s a worthy sacrifice.

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