Ever since God of War got announced for PC, there’s been a discourse online on whether or not this will hurt the sales of future consoles. Not only that but the emotional reaction that some fans had got me off guard. People really got upset about it and that got me thinking, are their concerns warranted?

It’s a simple question to answer, no! PS5 consoles will sell regardless of whether their games show up on PC or not! The reason is quite clear to anyone, plug and play! No matter how great playing ON PC can be, it has its own fair share of problems. A console offers the simplistic nature of just turning it on and playing. No optimizations, not bugs (sometimes), and issues that will get in the way of you and the games. There’s also the nature that there are fewer cheaters on consoles. PC gamers have been known to cheat and break games more often, mainly online games. Yes, there are cheaters on consoles too, but there are far fewer in comparison to PC.

If anything, Sony bringing their games to PC will only be of benefit to the developers themselves as it will allow them to gain more profit, increase their reach and overall allow them to do more than what they could have done just been on PS5. Contrary to popular belief, even the most popular PS games still haven’t been played by a lot of people. And all those people mean more profit, which in turn means less of those “less favorable” business practices. With all that being said, there’s also the children aspect of it.

That being that not every parent wants to build or buy a full PC for their kids. Having a console simplifies things. It gives them options that a PC couldn’t. It’s also cheaper and more justifiable than buying a good PC that will be worth the price. Think about it, I’m sure you’ve seen those PC evangelists try for years to convince people to build a PC, and yet most people have said no. More ps games being on PC likely will have people coming to PC but at best, these gamers are multiplats, meaning that they have more than one gaming platform.

So relax, the PS console ain’t going nowhere anytime soon.

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