Steam Deck is making it easier to know what games are compatible with your device in their new verified feature!

Games that check these four boxes are Deck Verified:

  • Input
    The title should have full controller support, use appropriate controller input icons, and automatically bring up the on-screen keyboard when needed.
  • Display
    The game should support the default resolution of Steam Deck (1280×800 or 1280×720), have good default settings, and text should be legible.
  • Seamlessness
    The title shouldn’t display any compatibility warnings, and if there’s a launcher it should be navigable with a controller.
  • System Support
    If running through Proton, the game and all its middleware should be supported by Proton. This includes anti-cheat support.

When you visit your Library on Steam Deck, you’ll find a compatibility badge on each title, reflecting the kind of experience you can expect when playing each game on Steam Deck.

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