Today, we got a very interesting indie game to highlight called Arbiter, a story driven character action game inspired by Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry!

Arbiter is a single-player character action game about transformation. You play as a young boy and the newly appointed Arbiter, Ashe, who is responsible for defeating the demonic spirits that plague the world. This is a passion project I’ve been developing on my own for about five months now. Spirits are split into two types: Ethers (white) and Umbras (black). The Arbiter has the unique ability to transform between these two types, making him the only human capable of defeating spirits. Attacks by enemies of the same type as you will be absorbed, while attacks of the opposite type will inflict damage.

Arbiter is focused on fast-paced, challenging combat and mastery over the transformation mechanic. Enemies, levels, and your own resources will all be affected by your current form. It’s kind of like an action game version of Ikaruga, but it’s also heavily inspired by games like Kingdom Hearts, Dark Souls, Zelda, and Mega-Man!

By defeating standard enemies and collecting spirit orbs, you’ll be able to unlock new techniques, while defeating bosses will unlock spirit abilities. Techniques include things like combos, heavy attacks, and combat maneuvers while spirit abilities are more destructive finishers. You’ll be able to equip the spirit abilities that best suit your play-style and create unique combos by chaining them together.


  • Transform to combat the spirits throughout the world!  The transformation system affects almost every single mechanic in the game.
  • Fight using light attacks, heavy attacks, parries, dodges, dashes, techniques, abilities, and more!  
  • Defeat tons of challenging enemies that all test your mastery over the game’s mechanics!
  • Explore a world corrupted by spiritual energies and discover more about the spirits that hunt you!
  • Unlock new upgrades, abilities, and techniques to change how you play!
  • Experience a story about humanity’s survival against the spirits, with interesting characters, cutscenes, and multiple endings!

The creator currently has a Patreon open for those that are interested in checking it out. I figured since this game looks dope, it’s worth the spotlight.

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