I was lucky enough to get into the Halo Infinite – Multiplayer Technical Preview, and try out the multiplayer. Overall, my experience with the limited time that I had was amazing.

Funny enough, I’m not much of a shooter’s fan myself but I’ve always made an exception for Halo back in the day so I was very curious to see how the latest installment would play, and for me, it was an amazing experience. The controls felt responsive, the gunplay was great, and overall it just worked.

Halo Infinite – Multiplayer Technical Preview had two modes, Bot arena, and Social arena. The bot arena as the name suggests, lets you go head-to-head with their Bots. I wasn’t expecting much from them at first but over time, I started to notice how the bots were moving, almost human-like, adapting to the ever-changing battlefield. Before long, I was beginning to question whether I had joined a multiplayer match without realizing it. And to note, I cracked the difficulty level to SPARTAN of course! The other mode was where I spent most of my time. Aside from some connection issues that got my account banned, it was the most fun I’ve had with a multiplayer shooter in such a long time. Personally for me of course, as I am not saying that the other games that have come out were bad, they just weren’t for me!

Playing Halo Infinite – Multiplayer Technical Preview made me hyped for the final product and I can’t wait to be able to go all with my Spartan. If there’s any complaint that I may have, it’s the connection. I would prefer not to get banned just because I lost connection in a match.

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