Here’s an interesting topic to think about! Right now, Microsoft & Playstation are on a buying spree, snatching studios left and right! Most people seem OK with this trend right now, especially for Xbox, a platform severely lacking in the exclusive department. However, one has to start asking, what happens if they take this trend too far?

How much is too much? Right now, Microsoft and Sony are acquiring studios that most people have no problem with being purchased. The battle for exclusivity is the hot stuff right now, and fanboys are eating it up, but what about the consequences that may arise from it? Let’s take Microsoft for example. Yes, they’re buying up these studios but are they going to make good use of them? You could even argue that they couldn’t handle their own first-party in-house studios well (canceled games like scalebound, Halo delay, etc.) so the thought of them bringing more studios under their management is scary! And let me not get started with Playstation. Sure they are doing well, but I feel that over-confidence without good competition will hurt gamers in the long run.

When Betshtshda was purchased, heads turned in concern for sure. It was at that moment that people started getting a little worried. What happens if Sony decides to buy Rocksteady? And Microsoft, Take-Two? Will the gaming community accept that? Obviously not and that’s a problem.


I’m honestly starting to see a future where Microsoft might start getting bold and buy up companies like SEGA and Rare. It’s not guaranteed and likely won’t happen but you never know! If Microsoft purchases make them the returns they expect, we could see more buying spree to compete with Sony in the future. Let me know what you guys think?

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