I recently played Sonic GT, an EXCELLENT fan game by Gabriel Gonzalez which utilizes momentum as its core gameplay mechanic. That alone made me realize what I’m actually looking for in a 3D modern Sonic game, a game that rewards me for building up speed and efficiently traverse through the map with style and exhilaration.

Just like Sonic GT, there was another game that I also played a while back which also followed the momentum principle called Sonic Utopia, and just like that game, having to earn your speed and maintain it is far more rewarding than just boosting with the boost mechanic. You’re more immersed and more attentive with the game, and this in turn makes you want to improve your skill and get a better time. Not to mention, that the level design would be more interesting and unique, with a sense of freedom not seen as of late with official modern games.

Playing the game, made me think of the future of Sonic and how SEGA will approach the franchise. Sonic Forces was for me the least enjoyable Sonic game that I have ever played. It’s also why there’s such a demand for a remake for the Sonic Adventure and Heroes series. This isn’t me shitting on Sega or anything, it’s me hoping that SEGA is paying attention to these talented fan creators and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Heck, maybe even bring them on to the team. I haven’t had such a dun time playing a Sonic game in a long time.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the boost mechanic is all bad, as there was an engine called Sonic Infinity Engine, which showed that the boost mechanic doesn’t have to be a “hold down button to win” game! However, there is a difference here. Although boost mechanics can give to that acceleration, there’s a cap in speed, while with momentum mechanic, you feel like you can get faster if you hit the slopes just right. It makes you wanna just how fast you can go. Anyways that’s my take, let me know what you guys think?

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